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DeMar DeRozan's Life Is Being 'Fucked Up' By The Old Person Face Filter

So this ‘old face’ filter is taking over the Internet by storm. It’s pretty much the exact same of the baby one, which gave us some Stephen A. Smith gold:

But, now? Now we have DeMar DeRozan’s whole life being fucked up. He’s out here freaking out what he’s going to look like in 40 years when he’s gone and retired. The good news is he’ll still be banking a shit ton of money for not being a No. 1 option. That’s a win.

I will say he does not look nearly as good as the Breakfast crew:

Bunch of snacks if you ask me but I can’t get over Pat looking like Larry Bird and Jetski looking like a Bill Clinton knockoff. Pure gold from the early guys.

Kevin Love’s sex education shirt stole the show here:

All I know is, I’m ready to bet against DeMar DeRozan again. He’s shook. I’ve never seen someone so shook about looking like when they are old. It’s going to be in his mind. Spurs need to trade him right this second.