Hundreds Of Skateboarders Ate Shit Bombing Down Dolores Street In San Francisco

Holy sick sons of bitches.

Right off the bat, we have to talk about this crazy fucker.

People are flying down this hill wiping out left and right, and we’ve got buddy over here just casually surfing his bike better than most people could simply just walk down that hill. Granted, we only saw him for maybe 3/4 of a second so there’s a good chance he ended up with a face full of asphalt a few moments later. But still.

And for the rest of the people out there bombing Dolores Street? Sick bastards. Every single one of them. Not even sure if you can consider these people the same species as humans. Like they’re all missing a part of their brain that tells them that “yeah, there’s about a 98% chance I get seriously fucked up here so I might just sit this one out”. Even just the sick bastards who are standing off to the side watching aren’t safe.

Like what’s the best case scenario here? There’s not a chance you walk away from an event like this without at least having your ass torn open after falling at some point down that hill. So at the very least, you can’t comfortably sit for the next couple of weeks. I’d even say that leaving there with just one broken bone would be considered a positive outcome. Like if you get out of there without having both of your ankles completely shattered, that’s a good day. A concussion is pretty much all but guaranteed considering I didn’t see a single helmet during this entire video.

Again, just a bunch of crazy, sick, twisted bastards that somehow skipped over the fear emotion during evolution.