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No NFL Team Has Under-Achieved More Than The Green Bay Packers In The Last 30 Years

It’s July. I am STARVING for football. So badly that I’ll consume anything, including stuff I know is technically bad for me. Stuff like watching Trubisky miss a wide open Tarik Cohen for a SURE touchdown on a 3rd and 1 in the 4th quarter. Stuff like watching Kyle Fuller drop a would-be game ending interception right before Rodgers hits Randall Cobb for a 75 yard game-winning touchdown. The Bears season was bookended by two gut-wrenching losses, but that is better than having the highlight of your season come in week 1. It hasn’t gotten better. The Bears clinched the North right in their face. Rodgers threw McCarthy under the bus, McCarthy took shots at Rodgers, Rodgers got emasculated by EVERYONE starting with the beer chugging

Then he threw the new coach under the bus after roughly one week, he’s being petty on the internet when it comes to Chicago, and the Packers need therapy just to have a mildly cohesive locker room

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All of this controversy coming from one of the very best quarterbacks in the NFL right now and of his generation. And that was on the heels of 15 years or so of Brett Favre. The Packers have had 30 years with one of the top QBs in the league at the helm in eras that were driven by QB play and have not that much to show for it, in the grand scheme of things.

This is NOT a Bears-Packers blog. Clearly the last 30 years have been better to the Packers. They’ve shit pumped the Bears repeatedly. I don’t know exactly what the overall records of the two teams have been and I don’t want to look it up. Safe to say that it’s a lot to a little, in favor of the Packers.

Having said that though, if I were a Packers fan I think I would be overall kind of disappointed with the overall output of these two guys. Two rings in 30 years when they have 5 MVP seasons at QB. That is…not a good return in my opinion. Especially when you compare it to the other great QBs that they overlapped with or other great QBs in general. Montana had 4 rings, Aikman had 3, Brady has 6, Big Ben Peyton has two, even fucking Eli has two. Yet the Packers, with the right guy at Quarterback for THIRTY YEARS only have two combined rings. That is shockingly bad. Horrible management. Every other team in the league save for maybe the Patriots would kill to have a full generation of elite QB talent and the Packers, you could argue when compared to their peers, have squandered it. It seems like nobody has done less with more than the Green Bay Packers and yet nobody talks about them as one of the great under-achieving teams in the league. That’s the power of that one championship for Rodgers I guess, but that was a LONG time ago now. Obama was just a little salt and pepper at that point getting ready for his second term. The Packers have been blessed beyond measure and it does sort of, kind of feel like they’ll leave their fans wanting more when the Rodgers run of elite play comes crashing down to Earth(he’s turning 36 years old this year so it’s coming). And beyond that…I would say the likelihood of another MVP caliber quarterback falling in their laps is low. If I were a Packer fan that reality would scare the shit out of me. I would be in panic mode as even with Rodgers their grip on the NFC North has loosened and time is slipping through their fingers. Yet the general mood out of Green Bay seems to be that everything is fine. They’re fat and happy when they should really just be fat. They’re cool with the end of this era coming and Rodgers being the same category as guys like Dilfer, Brad Johnson, and Flacco as one-time winners instead of his other franchise caliber QBs like Brady and Manning. Glad I am not a Packers fan.