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Travis d'Arnaud Just Hit Three Homers To Beat The Yankees And I'm Not Exactly Sure That Just Happened

Rays 5 Yankees 4

I genuinely don’t know what just happened. Aroldis Chapman just refused to pitch Barry Bonds Travis d’Arnaud inside and let him poke one over the short porch in right. The dude had been laying off every slider in the dirt. Unbelievable at bat. All night long he was taking balls over the plate and hitting them out. Throw a fucking fastball inside for the love of god. Nope, of course not. Travis d’Arnaud became the first catcher in baseball history to hit three homers off of the Yankees in a single game. My jaw is literally on the floor typing that sentence. TRAVIS D’ARNAUD. What a stupid way to spell your name. Leave it to the fucking Mets to trade this guy and then he becomes Mike Trout. Sure, why not?

The Yankees entered tonight 49-0 when leading at the start of the 9th inning. Obviously that record is now 49-1 and this probably goes down as the worst loss of the season. Very shitty. Should be up 7 on Tampa, instead it’s 5 (7 in the loss). That all being said, there were a lot of good things came out of tonight.

For starters, James Paxton was really good. He’s now gone six innings and given up two runs or less in three straight starts, dating back to before the ASB. That’s all you need from Big Maple. That wins you a game 9 times out of 10 with this lineup and bullpen.

He got bit by the home run ball in the first inning again, which continues to be a gigantic issue. He’s given up 7 bombs in the first frame this year which leads the AL. Maybe we need to just tell him it’s actually the 2nd inning when he goes out there? Some reverse sports psychology or something. Whatever he’s doing now to start games off isn’t working. After the first inning he usually settles down. His ERA from the 2nd inning on is 3rd in the AL. Just figure out the 1st inning and we’ve got a monster.

Big Night For The Parrot Man

The Parrot Man has had a rough go in his opening month in pinstripes. So bad that fans were getting on him enough that he went private on Instagram. Poor guy, give him some time to adjust for christ’s sake! I’m the most impatient guy in the world and I haven’t worried for a second that Eddy wouldn’t come around. Tonight all of his bats were really strong, especially the go ahead blast which was an absolute cock. He looked so relieved in the dugout. Good to see EE have a big night, just sucks it was wasted.

Aaron Judge’s Arm Is Goddamn Ridiculous

Really just have no idea why people continue to run on Aaron Judge. Doesn’t even matter if he’s off-balanced, he’s going to throw you out. His arm is slept on by the whole league but I think it’s the strongest out of any outfielder in baseball. I’ll go to war over that statement. I’m sure Red Sox delusionists will say JBJ has a better hose, but they’re just biased and wrong. I love Aaron Judge.

Shitty loss. Probably worst loss of the year, but not the end of the world. Gotta flush it away and move on to tomorrow. When you have a cushion like the Yankees do in the division you can do that. Grab a split here with this series and move on. Just wish Chapman went inside on d’Arnaud.