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10 Minutes Of Pure Macho Man Greatness From 1985/1986

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Nothing better on a Sunday afternoon than watching a 10 minutes video of Macho Man interviews from the mid 80’s.  The interplay between him, Miss Elizabeth and Mean Gean is why wrestling ruled in the 80’s.  30 years later and it still stands the test of time.   And yes maybe that is the most depressing sentence I’ve ever written. I can’t believe this shit is 30 years old.

Anyway here are my top 10 favorite lines/moments in no particular order.


1. Tongue Wag to start the entire video

2. 3:40

The double “Say Goodbye” to Miss Elizabeth

3. 5:15

MachoHold the belt! I changed my mind.

Jesse the BodyThat’s a champion’s prerogative.

MachoI exercised that option.

4. 6:30 Mark

I’m holding a gold belt.  You’re having a conversation. I’m the most important man in the world.  Put that thing down.  Don’t degrade the champion.  A man in my position can never afford to look ridiculous”

5. 7:25

Macho Man Randy Savage Goodbye!

6. 8:25

“Personal friend of Rod Stewart.  When he released Tonight is the Night he called me and said Madness….He calls me Madness”

7. 8:48

“Macho Madness is more seductive than sex”

8. 9:00

Mean Jean reaction when Miss Elizabeth walks into the interview.

9. 9:27

“You wouldn’t give her that flower would you Mean Jean?”

10. 10:07

“You’re Welcome!”