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KFC Radio: Barstool ESPY Results

Last night we hijacked that ESPYs Red Carpet and presented the first ever Barstool ESPYs on KFC Radio. 5 categories built around the men and women you’ve seen all over Barstool for the past year. Each of us presented the argument for the candidates but we left it up to the Stoolies to vote on the winners. A little over a thousand people voted on each of them, these are the results:

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In hindsight I should have included Samantha Steele Ponder as the analyst instead of Molly McGrath. But in the world of Barstool it was a 2 horse race anyway between Jenny Dell and Charissa Thompson. Shocked, utterly SHOCKED, Manti Teo didn’t win college story of the year. I think Stoolies forgot just how fun that was for about 24-48 hours. That was absolutely the story of the year, probably in all of sports, not just college. Alex Morgan was the big winner of the night with a whopping 60% of the vote for hottest chick athlete of the year. There was really no chance she lost after Kmarko posted her in the leather mini skirt earlier in the day. 

In between the awards we had our usual Stoolie voicemails. Which were awesome. Great job by callers and voters. Nice little return for KFC Radio.

Call the hotline for next week. 646-807-8665. And please SPEAK UP when you call. Remember you’re not just mumbling drunk to someone on the other line. You’re gonna be played on a podcast, so don’t be shy. Nobody can ever hear you guys when you call.