Dude Out Livestreaming His Walk Across Pedestrian Bridge Saves A Woman From Jumping

Shout the fuck out to Ray’Veontae Harris for saving this young woman’s life. He was out documenting his usual walk across the scenic Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge that connects Iowa and Nebraska when he noticed a woman leaning dangerously over the railing. Rather than ignore her as other folks in the video apparently did, Harris walked over to the woman, noticed she was crying, asked about her condition, and helped put her in a safer area, presumably til assistance arrived.

Harris said to the press that he’s not a hero but his act was certainly heroic. His seemingly simple gesture kept that woman alive. As much as Harris’s humanity renews your faith in the goodness in people, temporarily anyways, you can’t help but notice the indifference on display before he acted. Talk about putting the blinders on.

Hopefully that young woman is doing better now.

1-800-273-8255 is the number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline and is available 24 hours a day everyday.

Be good to each other, people.

I need to end this blog on a cheerier note so here’s a tidbit from the Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge’s Wikipedia Page. I didn’t verify it elsewhere because I need it be true.

The lights were officially unveiled in a ceremony on September 13, 2008. The bridge lights were turned on while the Phil Collins song “In The Air Tonight” was played over a PA system. The event was accompanied by fireworks.

One more: if you stand on the the state line so that you’re in two states at the same time, then you be “Bobbing”. (This is right up kbnoswag’s alley.)