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Yu Darvish Is MLB's Best 2nd Half Pitcher (So Far)

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This is why Yu Darvish makes $126 Million from Theo Epstein’s Cubs: when his fastball command is clicking, it’s virtually impossible to square the ball up. And that’s how we get to 6 innings, 8 strikeouts, 1 walk and 2 hits of pure domination against a very good lineup against right handed pitching. So before we even get to any big picture or specific highlights, the #1 takeaway is BY FAR that Yu Darvish turned in a $126M performance. We need a bunch more, but this is what you’re talking about when the weather’s hot and the season is fully settled.

Just watching the post game now – he looked like a million bucks taking questions in English in front of his locker. Not all smiles and roses but more him just locked in staring a hole through reporters. Like he had another 50 pitches left in the tank. That’s the kind of guy everyone should want leading the rotation and holy smokes does it feel good as a fan to watch him go out and shove.

It also feels good to see Jason Heyward take back the lead with a solid oppo late inning single, increasing the Cubs’ RISP batting average to .0000005 on the year.

Hyperbole aside, it’s great that Theo’s Big Free Agents finally came through together on both ends.

But seriously enough with the hyperbole. I’m particularly thrilled KB got the Cubs going in the 7th with a solo shot and that he was the game-winning run.

I love it because I’m being selfish. I got to interview him for Red Line Radio yesterday for about 10 minutes at an event I probably shouldn’t have been allowed to attend. One thing leads to another and it’s me and him on the back of some bus and I’m interviewing him on an iPhone. Not ideal but 6 months ago I was selling life insurance so you gotta just roll with it sometimes and this was one of those times.

Anyways, we were talking superstitions and on-deck routines and I asked him about his Happy Place. He told me he didn’t have a happy place so we built we together. We talked about his dad wearing coaching shorts and Demarini Voodoo metal bat ping vs. Easton Stealth Connexion thud. We talked cuddling on off days with his wife watching Netflix and Bachelor reruns although he doesn’t like reruns. We talked about putting on some weight because he’s not a fat guy but everyone else around here is and how that would make everyone feel more comfortable. It was guys being dudes  building an on deck safe space and it worked. Goddamn it worked.

When we were done and off camera, Kris told me: Carl… my Sensei… thank you for building this Happy Place with me and helping me prepare for my Major League At Bats. But more importantly thank you for being my Friend.

So there you have it. The Cubs are undefeated when KB goes to his Happy Place (and Yu Darvish shoves).