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Texas Restaurant "Redneck Heaven" In Trouble For "ABC - Anything But Clothes" Days For Their Watiresses

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Complete gallery of ABC Thursdays. Some good, some bad, some better than others. But all very trashy and much better than looking at your excel spreadsheet. NSFW if you’re a pussy

Huff Po – A Lewisville, Tex., restaurant must decide what their breast move is after the city banned it from allowing their waitresses to wear body paint while serving food. After complaints to police about the waitress’ attire (or lack thereof) atRedneck Heaven restaurant, the city council voted to change an ordinance so that it’s now illegal for women to cover their breasts with just body paint, according to KDFW. A woman at Monday night’s council meeting voiced her concerns. “We’re quite shocked to see these young ladies weren’t dressed,” Catherine Holliday said. “They had very scant bottoms on and their tops were painted. It’s a restaurant that’s between two family restaurants.”

Some things just need to be left alone. You know what I mean? Like sometimes we need laws and rules to make things run smoothly. Stop signs and traffic lights are necessary because without them it would just be pure chaos on the streets. Thats one area where we need some sort of legal interjection. You know where we don’t need any of that?

In a fucking bar in Texas called Redneck Heaven. If there’s ever been a place to leave rules and regulations out of, its there. I’m pretty sure the waitresses and the patrons can come to some sort of agreement on their own. Yea, I’m sure its technically some sort of health code violation to have bare tits out when you’re serving food. But if you think the white trash single mom waitresses or the patrons who still are waiting for the South to rise again care about that, you got another thing coming. I mean how can you call it Redneck Heaven if there aren’t gonna be topless chicks with the Confederate Flag painted on their titties? I promise you that’s part of every Redneck’s vision of Heaven. Anything less and it would just be false advertising.

PS – Speaking of Texas Titties, send out the smoke patrol on the broads from the All Star Game last night

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