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Kate Reads Audio-Erotica And Does A Pretty Good Job!

The Army is introducing audiobooks for their Field Manuals which train you how to do basically anything. The problem is that these manuals are BORING. So, the ZBT crew tries to find ways to spice these manuals up. Needless to say, Kate’s idea is the only one that is really feasible. Click the link and listen to the full show.

Here’s some of the other topics.

Round 1: We talk about most enlisted folks’ hatred of junior officers. Today, we give you a perfect example of why. It involves filling water jugs with 20 ounce bottles of water.

Round 2: At the age of 16, you should be able to drive, join the army, and wait another 5 years to vape or legally purchase booze. Those are the facts and they are undisputed.

Round 3: A new poll found that 64 percent of Veterans don’t view the Iraq war as worth the cost. What in the world are the other 36 percent seeing?

Round 4: A Marine got promoted from LCpl to Sgt in the same day. Sounds like a motivator, right? Wrong. Wait until you hear about this command fuck up.

Round 5: The Army is introducing audiobooks for their field manuals. Good idea or bad? We think it’s gonna backfire bigtime and we’ll explain why it round 5.

Round 6: There is nothing more special than deployment porn. We honor that porn by honoring those who honored porn in Iraq.

Round 7: A Badass Coast Guardsman went full send and jumped on a narco submarine and it’s the most badass thing we’ve ever seen