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WFAN Caller Trolls Francesa About His Pink Shirt

“First of all, my shirt is coral, its not pink.”

“I’m gonna be insulted by the color of my shirt? I mean you know what? He should have a shirt this color because its a very sharp shirt. You know that? But you wouldn’t know that because you probably have no taste.”

Tremendous Francesa moment today. I love when people call up with completely reasonable arguments and he immediately waves them off and skips the question but a troll like this he’ll entertain for a moment. Like you could call Francesa saying something so simple and so valid like “Mike he’s batting .150 against lefties…why would Girardi put in a righty?” and Mike will be treat you like a goddam moron and talk about how he hates sabermetrics and shit. But here Mike wants a follow up on why his pink…excuse me…coral shirt would help Ike Davis hit. Classic Mike.

PS – Looking down and checking out his own shirt while declaring it “very sharp” and saying he has no taste is as cocky as Francesa has been in a while.

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