HOLY SHIT The Rockets Actually Did It - They Actually Traded For A PG With A Terrible Contract (It's Russell Westbrook - They Traded FOR RUSS)

Holy shit. I can’t believe it actually happened. The Rockets – the team who always say they are trying to trade for a star or sign a star actually did it. They pulled the trigger and got Russ to Houston. More importantly it means they got off of CP’s contract for Russ’s contract. They were pretty much going to pay a shit ton of money for an aging point guard why not get younger in the process?

Obviously this means the Thunder are in just complete rebuild mode. I don’t know what they’ll be able to do for Chris Paul, if they can flip him for something, but they are just absolutely loading up on picks.

Good news is we’ve seen this before. Wonder how it will work out:

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Should probably run it back one more time

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This is laugh out loud funny when you see it. Just so many goddamn picks:

This year is going to be awesome. The most must-watch regular season I can remember for the NBA in quite some time.