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Matt Harvey Asks New Yorkers About Matt Harvey

Ok first thing’s first, your boy Matt Harvey is sporting a KFC Lazy Eye.

Screen Shot 2013-07-15 at 9.27.08 PM


Except his is like a legitimate lazy eye. Its almost even more impressive how much of an ace he is considering he basically only has one eye.

Secondly this video is cute and all but its the last time he’ll ever get away with it. Starting tonight when he takes the mound at Citi and is throwing 100 mph gas on national TV, he’ll officially being launched into super stardom. It’ll be like Pedro in ’99This city will belong to him for the next 10 years. Won’t be able to go another block in Manhattan without chicks hitting him in the face with their panties. Won’t be able to go anywhere without being mobbed.

I know everyone thinks its just the Met fan in me overreacting and people are just brushing him off because the Mets suck. But he’s absolutely disgusting and he’s leading a pack of about 4 or 5 more young studs coming up in the Mets system. The same old tired jokes about “can’t wait to see him in Pinstripes” and “how long before he blows out his arm” don’t apply here. He’s the real deal and the world will recognize that tonight.