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"Hey Kyle Shanahan, Fuck You"--Robbie Gould(Pretty Much)

This whole Robbie Gould situation in San Francisco has gotten utterly absurd. At what point do we consider this a hostage situation with Kyle Shanahan? Camp is starting. Robbie isn’t coming. He’s an old man. He is NOT going to play for the 49ers. Just fucking let him go, Kyle. I am now of the belief that guys who are over 35 years-old shouldn’t be subjected to the franchise tag. If you’ve played in the league for 10+ years you’ve earned the right to have your actual freedom if you’re a free agent and Kyle Shanahan is out here trying to force Robbie Gould to be an asbentee father. It’s not right. Just look at these quotes from yesterday.

“We’ve been negotiating for 17 months and it’s been a complicated situation,” Gould said. “I’m at the point where my agent is going to handle it. If there’s anything I need to know about, then I’ll make a decision.”–Robbie

Translation: “Fuck you, Kyle”

“I never said I want to go back there,” Gould said. “I just said I want to be closer to my family.”–Robbie

Translation: “Fuck your whole city”

“Listen, there are 11 people on the field-goal unit, and we have a new holder and new punter,” Gould said. “There’s going to be a lot of change in that regard. There’s a lot of tempo and timing and situational football that has to go into play.”

Translation: It’d be a real shame if you forced me to play in SF and then I suddenly wasn’t good anymore…if you catch my drift.

“I’ve been through several holdouts, I’ve been through a lockout season, I’ve been through not being on a team and showing up in Week 6. I’d say there is nothing that scares me anymore in Year 15, because I feel I’ve been through it all.”

Translation: Fucking try me, bitch. 

“My favorite place is Green Bay,” Gould said. “There’s something to the history of going there, and walking through the single-file tunnel. I’ve played really well there. It’s a comfort thing.”

Translation: All I want to do is whip Aaron Rodgers’ ass one more time in Green Bay.

Kyle Shanahan doesn’t care about dad’s rights and should be considered a domestic terrorist at this point. #FreeRobbie