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Mark Duper Beat A Kid Unconscious While Playing Video Games With Him

Miamitimes – Mark Duper spent eleven legendary years with the Miami Dolphins. Now he’s spending some time behind bars.The three-time Pro Bowler was arrested this morning after allegedly leaving a child unconscious after punching him in the face and slamming him into the floor several times. According to Local 10, the incident happened yesterday in Jacksonville. Duper, 54, was playing video games with a friend’s children, and got into an argument with a teenage boy when the boy refused to pick a hat up from the ground. Duper then punched the boy in the face, body slammed him to the ground several times. The boy was knocked out cold. The boy regained consciousness, and Duper told him to leave. However, he came back in the house to grab his jacket and again got into a physical confrontation with Duper. The boy’s father had to intervene. The boy then purposely slammed his bicycle into Duper’s car, which, of course, set of another row. Duper punched him, and then choked the boy on the ground. The boy’s father once again had to to intervene, but not before Duper promised to kill the boy.

Got to give this kid credit right? Mark Duper just beat you unconscious for not picking up your hat while playing video games. So what do you do after you wake up? You strut that ass right back into the house to grab your jacket. Naturally he beats you up again. Then on the way out the door you slam your huffy into Duper’s car only to get choked out one more time for good measure. It’s like how many times does Duper have to beat this kid up before he gets the message? Either way Mark Duper can do no wrong in my book because he’s still the owner of one of my favorite quotes of all time. When asked by a reporter why he was wearing sunglasses at night he replied…”Because the sun never sets on the cool.”   Indeed.  And with that he won me over. I don’t care how many kids he beats up. Mark Duper fan for life.