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Freddie Freeman Mic'd Up Live During His At Bat Was So Awesome And I Need More Of It Right Now

Incredible. Everything about that was so cool last night. You want a perfect way to grow the game? Get it out on social media for everyone to see? Mic the players more. Easy. Simple. Effective. They did this in the outfield too with Yelich and Bellinger.

Big Cat was a hater last night, until he saw it happen.

I don’t know how to do it during regular season games. Can we mic the field better? Mic the bases louder? Mic home plate? Do interviews with players on the field during warm-ups in between innings? Release some sort of mic’d up thing every week like the NFL used to do? All I know is that I need more players mic’d during the game.

P.S. I’m not sure what Joe Buck was saying to Freddie Freeman at first, but if he was saying, “I don’t think he understood that” in reference to Gary Sanchez not understanding English then that’s kind of fucked. Gary speaks English. He uses a translator to the media but the dude can speak English and understand it well. What do you think happens when Tanaka and him have a quick meeting on the mound? They both speak English. Joe Buck. Noted idiot.