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Commissioner Manfred Broke The Liar Meter When Asked If Cleveland Abandoning Chief Wahoo and Getting The All-Star Game Were Related

Commissioner Rob Manfred insists Major League Baseball did not make a deal with the Cleveland Indians about banning their contentious logo, Chief Wahoo. The club agreed to remove the hotly debated, smiling caricature from its caps and jerseys starting this season, a decision that came after Cleveland was awarded the 2019 All-Star Game. The timing was curious, but Manfred said there was no link between the two. “The All-Star Game was awarded to Cleveland by Commissioner (Bud) Selig before I even had one conversation about Chief Wahoo,” Manfred said. “You can write that as fact.”

Get outta here, Rob Manfred. We're all adults here and it's insulting to our intelligence when you lie like this. Let's call a spade a spade. Major League Baseball wanted to get rid of Chief Wahoo so bad that they gave Cleveland the All-Star Game well before they should have. We just had the All-Star Game in 1997, and while that was 22 years ago, it's not like Cleveland is a hot travel destination around the world. We skipped about 10 other teams so we could get back to Cleveland?? BULLSHIT.

As much as I like Cleveland, and as much as we just put on an incredible week, I will admit that the players and fans would probably rather go to Miami, San Diego, Los Angeles, or 50 other places before Ohio.  There is no other reason for the MLB to come back here so soon unless they needed a bargaining chip. I would 100% rather the commissioner just come out and say the facts. What would be wrong with that? It was a bad look for the MLB to have a team with a stereotypical Indian logo with a big, red nose, but Cleveland fans adored the tradition of it and bought the merchandise in bundles. So a compromise was made. We'll bring your team and your city all of the revenue from the All-Star game, and you give up the logo. I feel like the public would understand that deal. Same thing with the Justin Verlander juiced balls statement. Hell yeah they're juiced! It's making the game better. Just tell the truth, Rob.

Don't act like we're some sort of Loose Change conspiracy theorists here. This is more of a fact than the sky being blue, the grass being green, and that there was more than one shooter in the JFK assasination. Chief Wahoo needed to go, the All-Star Game was a bargaining chip, and so the deal was made. A+B=C.