Blacks Vs. Asians In Skateboard Gang Fight In The East Village


EV Grieve - “It all started when a drunk Asian kid was pissing on the stairs of Search & Destroy. The skate kids walk by and make a comment about him pissing. The Asian kid stops mid flow then steps up to the black skater kids and says ‘I’m Asian motherfucker!’ Right after that I started filming the Asian kid and his drunk ass friends get the crap kicked out of them.”

2 things about starting a skateboard gang fight. 1) If you’re a crew of Asians going up against a bunch of black guys, you better know Bruce Lee Kung Fu or you, are, fucked. I’m not saying black dudes are the best at fighting. Often the opposite. Just look at NBA “fights.” But a crew of Asian skateboarders need special Asian karate skills to win any sort of brawl. If they’re just normal Asians, you can cuncel the brawl.

2) Never start a brawl after cutting off your piss mid-stream. You should never cut your piss off mid-stream, regardless. Thats the quickest way to make your dick explode. But you certainly shouldn’t do that just when you’re about to start a donnybrook.

PS – 2 cockiest moves in the whole video –

4 second mark: when that black dude just taps that Asian in the back of his head with the skateboard

55 second mark: Black dude looks like hes breaking up the fight and then just taps that Asian right in the jaw.