Best Of The Best GTA Returns...Voting Now Open

2 time Champ: Sofia Vergara

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Challenger – Paula Labaredas

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We took a week off from voting on asses for the 4th of July. But its rather fitting that we return with a challenger wearing Red White and Blue. Now a lot of people were complaining that in Vergara’s 2 championship victories, I was posting old pictures of her when she was like 20. Now, I’m not a gayball, so I thought that was a good thing. Looking at a hot piece of 20 year old Latina ass is a good thing in my book. Yet, I’m a man of principle. And it does seem unfair that Vergara is riding her ass from decades ago. So, I including her more recent ass shots. This is Vergara, Now vs. Paula Labarades. Vote now.

Vote 1 for Champ Vergara Vote 10 for Paula

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