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Help Me Travel To Sex Island

Gay Pat, Smitty, KFC, just about everyone who looks really horny have written about Sex Island. Since I’m writing this too, you can throw me in that group. I’d say I look horny too if we’re talking 3rd person. While I love hearing these guys talk about it, I want to be about it. I want to go to Sex Island and need your help.

I know what you’re thinking, “Why don’t you just have Barstool pay for it?” I’m scared to buy a condom with my debit card because my Mom checks what I buy, so I don’t want Erika or Dave to see a $6,000 purchase on some sex vacation trip. That’s right, $6,000. I see this as a mission trip donation. Besides, what Stoolie wouldn’t want to see a vlog about this?

As a young boy, I’ve always dreamed of an adventure like this, scam or not. I believe we can all benefit from this. If you have a heart or feel bad for not giving a dollar to the homeless guy on your way to work this morning, toss that bad boy (or girl) over here in my gofundme page. This is My Wish.

P.S. The gofundme description has nothing to do with Sex Island because I made a legit Sex Island gofundme last night and they took it down. Consider this as a decoy and go with the flow.