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Indiana Man Convicted Of Killing His 3 Month Old Son Gets SMOKED In The Face By The Baby's Uncle In Court

Fucking incredible.  You see attempts all the time – leaping over barriers, juking and high stepping past guards, throwing haymakers like crazy but can’t get close enough to connect.  Finally we see justice actually get served.

A man who killed his 11 month old son – not allegedly, but convicted, taking a plea deal for 20-25 years (conflicting reports) in prison – gets fucking mollywhopped by the boy’s uncle.

You love to see it.

As for the “battery charge” he’s now facing, you all know my stance on this.  That’s a “he simply tripped while going to say goodbye and awkwardly landed with his closed fists upon the convict’s face and head area” that you file in your report.

via CNN, GrantB911