I'm Glad Kevin Durant Isn't A Knick After Hearing A Warriors Reporter Say He Confronted And Screamed At Him For Saying 'He Was Leaving To Play With Kyrie'

[Source] - “I had an interaction with him and his people back in February when I went on a podcast and I said that ‘if and when Durant leaves, it will be to go play with Kyrie; to follow Kyrie.’ And he took major offense to that, approached me in the locker room about that. And that shows you how much of a sensitive subject it was for him.

“It was 40 minutes into a podcast that is not even a national podcast. He found out about that and confronted me about it. Which shows you just how soft of a spot that was for him.”

You know what? I’m glad Kevin Durant isn’t a Knick. I’m glad he’s over there in Brooklyn playing with his pals in DeAndre Jordan and Kyrie Irving. You know why? This is just showing how soft he is. Actually, this is just another showing for how soft he is. We know all about the burners. We know all about how upset he gets with fans and teammates.

Imagine him handling New York media if he’s not playing up to expectations. And let’s face it. If he became a Knick after that Achilles injury he’d probably never live up to expectations. That’s just what happens with the Knicks.

Listen, you can say I’m lashing out here. You can say I’m spinning a spin zone so hard that I’m dizzy. Perhaps I am. Perhaps I’m trying to find the silver lining here. But, the fact is listening to that interview and remembering that Durant couldn’t convince Kyrie to play with the Knicks instead I’m glad he’s a Net.

It feels good to hate again. I needed that.