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Chicago Lost The Olympics Over A Mere $2 Million In Bribes Which Is Absolutely Pathetic

(Tribune)–How much did it cost to suck the air out of Chicago 10 years ago when the city was abruptly pushed out of the race to host the 2016 Summer Olympics? About $2 million, according to Sergio Cabral, a jailed former governor of Rio de Janeiro state. Cabral has been sentenced to 200 years for corruption of various types. He told a judge he learned Lamine Diack, then president of the International Association of Athletics Federations, was “open to undue advantages” and, through intermediaries, paid him $1.5 million for up to six votes for Rio, the Associated Press reports. Another $500,000 allegedly went to Diack’s son for three more potential votes. Some of those alleged to have sold votes have denied the claims. Lamine Diack is also accused of other corruption charges that he denies.

This is infuriating. Everyone in the city remembers this moment back in 2009

It was supposed to be a shoe-in. We had a dream team of celebrities pitching this thing. Obama, Oprah, Michael Jordan, Mayor Daley, and Michael Phelps. If They be for us, who could be against us? You know who? Fucking cash. Cash is king, and we forgot it. I am not mad that we didn’t get the Olympics. Fuck the Olympics. All that construction and extra people and taxpayer dollars. No fucking thanks. I am pissed that we lost at corruption. That has always been our thing. WE are the best corrupt city. Stealing elections, covering up scandals, pay offs, you name it we’ve done it. We lost to Rio at our own game and it’s because we didn’t even show up. I mean $2M is a regular under the table salary for an alderman and we couldn’t come up with that. Its pathetic. If you’re going to try to win, and we were because we sent our perceived best people, then actually win and send those people will a bag full of cash like adults. Like Chicagoans.