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Frankie Lindor Says The Indians Should Be BUYERS At The Deadline

“I believe in my team and what we have in our clubhouse and what we have is good. What we have in the clubhouse is really good,” Lindor answered when asked a question about chasing the first-place Twins. “And we’re going to be adding pieces. I think we should be adding pieces to help us continue the run.”

Well there you have it. The King of Cleveland (until the NFL kicks off) has spoken. The Cleveland Indians should be BUYERS leading up to the July 31st MLB Trade Deadline. My thoughts:

Screw the prospects. Let’s go for it. I have a complete new sense of optimism with this team going into the second half of the season. And I know we’ve won the last three division crowns so I should be more chill, but I want this one……bad. I think it has something to do with the fact that we’re on a 6 game win streak and knowing that the chase is officially on. Five and a half back of the Twins….


But I will say this: we need to keep it rolling coming out of the break. We host the Twins for a three game set starting Friday, and the way that series goes will have a lot to say about how we operate before the deadline. Sweep? Buy buy buy. Get swept? We’re probably looking to sell.

And I obviously don’t want that to happen, but oh what great sellers we would be. There are contending teams in desperate need of bullpen help (looking at you, Boston) that would be very happy to pick up the services of Brad Hand. Trevor Bauer would likely be on the market too, and you know those damn Yankees are interested…

Stay away, boys. WE AIN’T SELLIN. We’re coming out of the gates hot….and as Frankie said, we’re buyin.

Gimme a starter like Sonny Gray or Zack Wheeler. Gimme a right handed batter that can mash the baseball. And it never hurts to have more relief pitchers. The chase is on folks. Buy buy buy.