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Carton Says Jeter Back On Friday????


Now that is how you CUM EVERYWHERE. I am getting early reports from my Mr. Mets Fans For Yankees Craig Carton that The Captain is coming back to the Bronx on Friday. Which means I have about three days to pee off this boner before seeing Number 2 in Pinstripes again.

The writing was on the wall the second he went straight to AAA. Skip all the bullshit in Tampa and get right to competition as close to the Major League level as possible. The Captain ain’t got time to dick around with Luis Sojo in Tampa or the RiverDogs in Charleston. The second he was ready to play baseball, you knew he’d fast track it to the Stadium. I bet Jeter plays 2 games at DH and 1 at short before taking a 4 day break to see how he feels. Perfectly played by the best leader in baseball.

The Yankees need this, New York needs this, America needs this! But mostly the Yankees and me.