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It Looks Like Kawhi Leonard Is Going To Be Holding Us Hostage For At Least One More Day

Well, the wait continues. I think everyone with a brain agrees that Kawhi should take his time and really think this life altering decision through, but fuck man the entire world is waiting on this news so just flip a coin at this point. I thought it was very honorable that it came out pretty quickly yesterday that we wouldn’t be getting a decision so that we all could enjoy the 4th, that was a nice change of pace, but I think we all thought we’d be getting a decision today. Now is Cris Carter credible? Hell if I know. Twitter sources are popping up left and right, one guy saying he’s 99% sure Kawhi is going one place where another talking head says the exact opposite. Hell we even have Rich Bucher saying TOR has won the sweepstakes

The only real truth is that nobody has any idea what Kawhi is going to do, so take Carter’s “report” with a grain of salt. Maybe this is the play from Kawhi’s camp, say you’re not announcing so nobody is paying attention and then actually announce it. That feels like a Kawhi move. Plus Twitter is already on edge after we saw that Kawhi’s plane made a quick pit stop in San Diego before heading back to Toronto. What does that mean? Anything? Everything?

Who the hell knows. If I were you I would get off the computer/phone and go to all your chores. Do whatever you have to do to cross everything off your significant other’s chore list, because all signs are pointing to us doing this exact same thing tomorrow in hopes we get the news. So do yourself a favor and build up that equity so you can do nothing but refresh Twitter tomorrow. It’s going to be great when we don’t get an answer tomorrow either, but at least you’ll avoid any potential nagging that nobody needs to deal with during the stressful time that is NBA free agency.



This is just a little old blog mind trick to immediately jinx things and get us an announcement. No need to thank me for my service.