'The Haters Are At Home Drinking Kombucha... And That's The Motherfucking Tea' - Sophie Turner's Thoughts On Alex Morgan, From Her Honeymoon

Well, now that the real Queen of England has spoken we can put this Alex Morgan tea celebration to bed. Not only that but she’s out here interrupting her own honeymoon to discuss this. That’s how you know it’s serious from Sophie. Really it’s just blasting England, which during the early part of July we like to do.

I mean, sure, you could say the fact it was the game-winning goal did just that. But, now we can REALLY put it to bed. We know the story. You saw the celly

It was awesome. An A+ celebration. You get called arrogant by the English media all week and you score a goal, you can celebrate however you want. Rules are rules and that’s a rule. Of course it left some British soccer player all pissed off

Well, now you can’t be pissed off in England. Sophie Turner says otherwise. You may wonder why she’s saying Alex Morgan’s celebration was something she did? Well, who could forget this?

How drunk do we think Sophie is getting on her honeymoon? I mean that has to be some sort of party, right? She’s here doing her thing with her wine. We know she likes to party.

Now that the real Queen of England has spoken – hit the dance, Alex: