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Wake Up With Wily Mo Pena Hitting An Absolute No Doubt Upper Decker

Legend. Absolute legend. That is all you can really say about WMP. Sometimes I still wake up in a cold sweat thinking about the grand slam he hit against the Orioles, I actually think that ball is still going. An absolute beast of a man who was put on this earth to punish baseballs. He only hit 84 homers in the bigs but I swear to got it felt like 584. None of them were cheap ones either. Just check out where this one lands. Wayyyyyyy up in the upper deck in Cincinnati. And that sound? Good god that sound. It's like if you play Vlad Jr's sounds through a megaphone. So damn loud when he connected. Wily Mo hit some absolute no doubt tanks and we need to recognize that. Now bow down and pray to the high heavens that much more Wily Mo footage is on Youtube.