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Super Model Tag Team Showdown - Cindy Crawford And Her Daughter vs. Christie Brinkley And Her Daughter

Tale of the Tape: Team Brinkley -

Christie Brinkley: Age – 59. Height 5’9. Sailor Brinkley: Age – 15. Height: Probably like 5’8

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Team Crawford: 

Cindy Crawford: Age- 47. Height: 5’9. Kaia Crawford: Age – 11. Height: Unknown

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Pretty even matchup when you take a look. Kaia is gonna get absolutely worked by Sailor Brinkley. She’s just giving up too much. The difference between 15 and 11 years old is enormous. Sailor probably has like 5, 6 inches on her. Sailor has already turned pro. She’s already competitive and vicious. Sailor Brinkley would absolutely massacre Kaia in the ring. But I think Mama Crawford makes up for that. Cindy is only 47 to Christie Brinkley’s 59. With 60 years old on the horizon you’re borderline Old Woman. Cindy is younger, faster, stronger. I think at some point Kaia Crawford would dramatically crawl to her mother’s corner and tag her in and Cindy would just go on an absolute rampage. Destroying Sailor and going right after her mother. Chugging Pepsis like Stone Cold slugs Budweiser. Then right on the verge of setting up Christie Brinkley for her dramatic high flying finisher off the top rope, Ireland Baldwin and Kim Basinger come flying down the ramp with steel chairs and absolutely slaughter every mother and daughter in sight:

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Ireland standing at 6 feet 2 inches. 17 years old, with crazy Baldwin blood running through her veins. Kim standing at 5’7, age 59, able to withstand being married to Alec for almost 10 years. The absolute most bad ass mother daughter celebrity duo in the game. I don’t think Kaia Crawford would walk out alive. Christie Brinkley either. AS GOD AS MY WITNESS, IRELAND BALDWIN HAS KILLED KAIA CRAWFORD! SOMEBODY STOP THE DAMN MATCH!