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Nate And Smitty Are Back In Vegas

And we are back, baby! The Nate Dawg and the…Smitty are back in Vegas and ready to paint the town red. But not with blood this time. No sir. Maybe red with…brick and mortar as we repair this relationship to become the best Barstool we can be. How do we do that? PVO. Positive Vibes Only. There’s no getting down. There’s no fighting. There’s only hard work, grit, and determination. While he’s interviewing people on the casting couch, I’m podcasting.

While he’s wheelin n dealin, I’m lighting money on fire

I was out in 4 hands. RIP $500, but at least I supported the troops and that’s what really matters.

Nothing can stop us. Nothing. Have I been up for the last 6 hours fighting flu-like symptoms out of both sides? I have. I absolutely have. It’s been ugly. Here’s a reenactment, but I’m both people in this scenario:

But that’s ok. Not even some bad shellfish can keep me down. (Brb, the tummy is rumbling again)

Woof. Ok, where was I? Ok, so not completely done with that yet, but I digress because things really are looking up. I have:

Unblocked Smitty on Twitter

Agreed to swap a % with him in the Main Event

And even made him look….wise beyond his years in that picture.

Could this be the blossoming of a new friendship? Will we end this trip closer than me and my porcelain friend that I won’t move more than 5 feet from? Things are looking up, that’s for sure. And it’s all thanks to staying PVO for PlayMGMPoker. What will today bring? Tomorrow? Who knows. I’m playing the Main Event on Friday, so still lots of time for anything to happen so keep your eyes peeled.


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