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We Finally Got The Woj Bomb We've All Been Waiting For!!

Oh hell yeah. Waiting on this Woj bomb was starting to take years off my life. Brad Wanamaker is coming back to solifidy the end of the bench role and I couldn’t be happier. Brad loved him but he never played really which was too bad because when he did get his opportunity he was basically microwave offense. I think every Celtics fan got to the point where we were screaming at our TVs and on Twitter to just bite the bullet and give Wanamaker all of Terry’s minutes. He gave up a shit ton of money to join the Celts, never complained, accepted his role and really that’s all we ever wanted.

As of now barring something crazy it looks like the roster is set

Chemistry > talent everybody knows that. Read a book for me one time. Talent means dick if everyone hates each other and there isn’t a bad apple in that group. Who says Ainge is having a tough summer? Wake up.

Now we can all enjoy the 4th and not be tied to our phones waiting for the big news to drop. God bless Woj and god bless America.