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Kid Drills Game Winner At The Buzzer ... One Slight Problem: He Shot At The Wrong Basket

Alright, I need a full investigation into this. I don’t mean an investigation to see if the kid threw the game. I need to know what the hell happened here. I mean the kid has a great looking jumper. It’s pretty pure. But, here’s what I need to know.

I’m assuming the game is tied. That makes sense considering the kid shot and the other team is defending. How do you not know in the final seconds that you’re not losing, and also WHICH BASKET YOUVE BEEN SHOOTING AT FOR THE ENTIRE SECOND HALF?!?

Image result for lebron jr smith gif

Also if you’re a teammate why aren’t you screaming your head off? I guess they are frozen in shock. That’s one explanation. But, this is wild. I can’t remember seeing a game-winner at the wrong bucket. It happens during games for sure. Usually when a sub comes in or right after a half or quarter when you switch hoops.

Other than all that – great shot though.