Francis Ngannou Lays Waste To Another Victim - Former Heavyweight Champ Junior Dos Santos

I mean…Francis Ngannou is just a joke. Dude hits harder than anyone on the planet, save for maybe Travis Turman. There’s not a soul on the planet he can’t send into the shadow realm, which makes his performance against Derrick Lewis (and even Rounds 2-5 versus Stipe Miocic) that much more confusing. It’s gotta be a scary for the rest of the guys in that division, though, just knowing there’s a chance you’re getting booked into a fight against him, which means you may die in the octagon. He really may be the Mike Tyson of MMA.

Francis’ll probably get the winner of Daniel Cormier vs Stipe Miocic II this August, but if I had it my way, he’d get Jon Jones regardless of what happens at UFC 239 next weekend.