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This NBA Free Agency Is Breaking Stephen A. Smith's Brain

Just got off with some folks. It’s really true that now Kawhi and KD are considering teaming up. Good Lord! I have no idea what’s going on – probably because these damn players don’t either. And now, supposedly, Kyrie will do (sic) the Lakers if Kawhi doesn’t come. I give up! I just give up. This is giving me a headache!”

To me, it’s preposterous. Grown men wanting to weigh the pros and cons as to where they’re going to spend the next four years of their career, most of which are in their primes. The audacity of these gentlemen to have multiple trains of thought taking in everything there is to consider about the generational wealth they are about to obtain in exchange for the skills on the basketball court. The unmitigated temerity in which different outcomes still exist on this plane of reality. The downright GALL of free agency unfolding over the next few days instead of simultaneously at this point in time, to me, is preposterous.