Confirmed: Pedro Strop Vs. Yasiel Puig In Rough N’ Rowdy July 19th

I know a lot of you are going to immediately put this one with Puig because he’s more memorably crazy but for the life of me Pedro Strop is so sneaky thicc I cant see him ever getting his ass kicked. It’s actually quite the opposite. Mix that with Puig’s notably weak fighting mechanics (I’ve watched the tape trust me) and I would say this one is Strop -190 and that’s extremely fucking generous.

Cubs win 6-0 behind a stellar start from Q. I’ve got a big round up in the bag for the Cubs tomorrow that should get your cherries nice and juiced for July. Everyone keeps bitching about June but no one wants to admit it’s been murderers row night in night out. Take a breath and get a cold one. You know which one. Great tasting less filling Miller Lite.