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Are These Delusional Boston Fans And I Talking About The Same Kemba Walker??

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Okay so it’s been a surprising slow Saturday afternoon here in central Ohio, and I’ve just been laying on the couch refreshing my Twitter feed every two minutes because I have nothing better to do. YP is an absolute madman for letting that snake bite him, and the Hubbs/Carrabis belt lashing contest was pretty funny for a bit, but it got kinda weird around 17-6. Anyways, that’s not the point of this blog. The point of this blog is that the majority of my timeline today has revolved around Kemba Walker intending to sign with the Boston Celtics. My reaction:


Are we talking about the same Kemba Walker here? I’m not saying the dude sucks but he’s a 3x All-Star, has been on the 3rd NBA team ONCE, and has never been out of the first round in his two career playoff appearances. You can tell me until you’re blue in the face that his team was bad, but you won’t change my mind in thinking that if he was as good as Celtics twitter is making him out to be, he’d have made the playoffs more than two times in the terrible Eastern conference over the last 8 seasons. But these Celtics fans are acting like they just signed Michael Jordan to a 4-year deal! And I’ll leave my Boston coworkers (yes, I work at Barstool) out of this because last time I mentioned one of them I was falsely drug through the mud on radio, but check out what some of these people on the internet are saying.

A TEN?????? Folks I’ll show you a 10.


I guess an Ohio 6 is probably a Boston 10 though. But Kemba Walker is a 7, tops. And like a 6 on the basketball court. And contrary to what these idiots say, this signing does not affect the championship landscape of the NBA at all.

A mix of Kyrie and Isaiah? Does he get each of their hands without the rings on them? This is too much. Let’s see what Greenie had to say about the signing in his blog:

Danny Ainge has done it again! One of the best free agents of this summer’s class has found a new home and that home is the Boston Celtics. Lose an All NBA point guard one minute, bring in another just a few weeks later. That is why you always have to trust that Danny Ainge has a plan. Did he give a shit that Kyrie was leaving? Nope, he already had his replacement in mind and you can sure as shit do a whole lot worse than a three time all star and player who just made an All NBA team. Think of how many franchises would be destroyed once that type of talent leaves their roster, the Celtics let the internet get jokes off for a few days and then boom, Danny comes out on top once again. It’s truly incredible.

Oh my god. I love you Greenie, but you can’t let your fandom get in the way when you write. Kyrie Irving was an NBA CHAMPION. You just signed a slightly above average point guard that will keep your team in the playoffs, out of the lottery, and out of championship contention. That is the worst spot to be in the NBA. Boston fans are so delusional.