Blackhawks Roster Really Taking Shape Now With Sikura And Quenneville In The Fold

Another nice deal for Bowman and the Blackhawks. I am a big believer in Sikura. I know meatballs like to say he sucks basically because he didn’t score a goal in 33 games. Which I mean, yeah you would expect him to score, but it was his rookie year and he was “unlucky”. He created offense, drove possession, and adjusted to the NHL in a way that gave you hope that he can play. I think he is a lock for the top 9 next year. He put up a ton of points and was the best forward all-year long for Rockford. Now, after spending the summer with Gary Roberts getting bigger and stronger. I think Sikura will be a very nice player next year and quite frankly the Blackhawks need him to do that because the last thing the Hawks need right now is for the offense to go through a bit of dry spell because Toews, Kane, and Debrincat don’t have back-to-back career years.

Given the roster today these would be my lines





As positive as this offseason has been, I still don’t believe that group is good enough to make the playoffs. Stan still has work to do. Adding a Dzingel, true 4th line center, trading Anisimov, and maybe adding a little bit of sand to the 4th line are all things the Blackhawks need. And maybe Dach being able to make the jump to the NHL. We’ll see what happens but it’s going to be a STRESSFUL couple of days.