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Topics Discussed on "DONNIE DID" Thus Far

It’s been refreshing  doing some audio content as opposed to just videos and I think I’m slowly getting the hang of it. As opposed to my videos where “Donnie” just “Does” with only a rare moment of reflection,  these podcasts give me a chance to take a deep dive into memorable past experiences from my travels. I don’t do a whole lot of sponsored content (although I’m always open to it), so if you want to support the brand and ensure I can continue to produce the caliber of content you’ve come to expect, signing up for Gold with my link (  would be a good place to start. Things Discussed on Donnie DID so Far:

  • How I ended up in China and got started making videos
  • The true story behind the smash hit YABA

  • Every run in with police I’ve had in China

  • Recap of my time with Jamol in Tajikistan
  • Recap of my time with PFT in Hong Kong (plus an extra 16 minutes of footage of me and PFT rolling face at Hong Kong 7s)
  • How I balance being respectful of Asian culture/not disrespecting people while still trying to make entertaining content
  • The time Chef Donny almost overdosed on “energy powder”

  • Will I do drugs on camera again?

  • How do I poop in China? (s/o Big Cat for that questions)
  • How/why did I get hired to be a kindergarten teacher, middle school teacher, and college professor in China?
  • What the hell is the deal with Ayi’s (chinese cleaning ladies)
  • A rundown of every “white face gig” I’ve had in China

Things I will consider talking about in future episodes:

  • Recapping a couple times in my life where I feel like I’ve hit rock bottom.
  • Why the hell did I live in Clemson South Carolina for over a year?
  • Interviews with the most fascinating people I meet while traveling.
  • Interviews with people around the office and beyond about their most absurd travel experiences.

And maybe, just maybe, I’ll eventually get both Chef Donny and $20 Chef in the same studio to hash out their beef once and for all.