The Crease Dive's PLL Week 5 Preview Featuring Jules Heningburg And Diggstape

Premier Lacrosse League - Baltimore - Day 1

The boys are heading down to Atlanta and we’ve got some Friday Night Lights on the schedule. So to get ready for week 5, we brought Jules Heningburg who is fresh off of a nice little 5G, 3A performance after getting traded from the Whipsnakes to the Redwoods in the first trade in PLL history. Safe to say that the Redwoods have won the shit out of that trade so far.

And now tomorrow he has a chance to play against the team that traded him for the first time. Considering he put up 8 points last week just for fun, I have to imagine he’s got even more in store for the team who thought they didn’t need him anymore. So we got a chance to talk to Jules about the trade, about how he’s fitting in with the Redwoods so far, how the transition to box has gone for him so far with the San Diego Seals, and what it’s like to have to be teammates with Nick Ossello again.

After Jules, we had Mikey Diggs aka @Diggstape drop by to talk about being one of the rising stars on lacrosse social media. For those of you who haven’t seen his videos yet, Diggstape is doing everything in his power to make Lacrosse Twitter more like NBA Twitter.

For those of you who have experience lacrosse twitter so far, you know that there’s a ton of work to be done there. But Diggstape has been closing the gap over the last few weeks. So we got a chance to catch up with him and talk about coming on the scene in the lacrosse media world, got into some of his lacrosse playing background, and then discussed why all-black sticks are actually fucking dope and definitely cool despite what some hateful rumors out there are saying.

Also on this week’s episode, we talk about how the PLL playoff format has officially broken my brain. We get into some segments. And then we close things out with a week 5 preview in Atlanta.

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PLL Week 5 Preview // Atlanta

Atlas (1-3) vs Archers (2-2) // Tonight, 8pm // NBCSN

Friday Night Lights, baby. Archers for Atlas. Georgia State Stadium. Could we see a potential passing of the torch tonight? For so long, Paul Rabil has been the face of lacrosse. He’s been the name that has broken through to the household name echelon. When people who don’t know shit about lacrosse hear the word “lacrosse”, the one name they’re able to muster up is Paul Rabil. But tonight…well tonight we get a chance to see Rabil vs Tom Schreiber for the first time in the PLL. What if Schreiber decides to snap and go off for 8 or 9 points tonight? Whom’s league is it??????

I think the thing the Atlas really need to start doing is being way bigger assholes out there. Think about some of the guys they have on defense. Tucker Durkin. Callum Robinson. Scott Rodgers is back between the pipes now. I really think they just need to start buying in to being the biggest dicks in the PLL. Start just hacking the shit out of some guys. Start to let the bodies fly a little more. It’s just that you’re playing in Atlanta this weekend and if anybody knows anything about Atlanta, they’ll know that it’s fucking hot as balls down there. Offensive players are going to hate playing in that heat enough already. Now if you add getting the shit beat out of them for 4 straight quarters, that gives the Atlas the advantage they’ll need to stop guys like Schreiber, Holman and Manny.

So yeah, that’s my key to this game. Whichever team decides to be the bigger group of assholes will come out of here with a win. If they play the game straight up, I have to give the edge to the Archers. They just seem to have way more chemistry out there and all of their big name guys are starting to click. We’re still waiting on a few guys on this Atlas roster to really get hot, so muck it up a little to make it an even game.

Actually, I take that back. Archers win this one without a doubt. Scott Ratliff is playing in his hometown and the flow is looking extra lethal out there this weekend.

Jordie’s Pick: Archers by 2.

Chaos (3-1) vs Chrome (0-4) // Saturday, 1pm // NBC Sports Gold


The Chrome are 0-4 to start the season. They lost each of their first three games by 1-goal each. Then last weekend they ended up losing by 2. So they’re 0-4 with a goal differential of just -5. So at this point if you’re not rooting for the Chrome to finish the season with a record of 0-10 and a -11 goal differential, you’re an asshole.

It’s nothing against the Chrome. Plenty of guys on that roster are recurring guests on the show and we wish nothing but the best for them. But sometimes the best scenario is the most chaotic one. I mean does anybody care about a team that ends up being 5-5? Of course not. That’s a super forgettable first season. So why not make things interesting? Why not just go all the way and lose every game by just a goal or two? That right there is how you get remembered for eternity.

Obviously we’re rooting for a close game here. We don’t want to see any blowouts. But considering Myles Jones has made Atlanta his adopted home now and the Chaos have some certified weapons in Connor Fields and Myles Thompson at attack, I think they’ll have just enough offensive fire power to pull out the 1-goal win.

Jordie’s Pick: Chaos by 1.

Redwoods (2-2) vs Whipsnakes (4-0) // Saturday, 4pm // NBC Sports Gold




And here we go, baby. We have our first ever REVENGE GAME in PLL history. Just 2 weeks after getting traded, Jules Heningburg returns to play against his former squad. And to make the drama even juicier heading into this game, Jules has the ability to be the only undefeated player in the PLL after this week. The man won 3 straight games with the Whipsnakes to start the season, picked up another dub with the Redwoods last week, and now they’re playing against the 4-0 Whipsnakes on Saturday afternoon. Does this matter to anybody actually playing the game? Of course not. But this is the media, and what the media does best is create these narratives out of thin air that don’t have any sort of real impact on the game itself but at least it gives us something to talk about. So credit to me for being such a great journalist and spending so much time talking about the fact that Jules Heningburg could end up being the only 5-0 man left in the PLL.

For real though, this game is going to be wild. The Whipsnakes have obviously separated themselves as the best team in the league right now. They find a way to get it done every single week. What’s super scary about them is I feel like we haven’t even seen or heard much from Ben Reeves yet this season. It’s been Rambo and Drenner absolutely clowning on fools so far this season, and Ben Reeves is just waiting to have a breakout game.

But the Redwoods are scary loaded now after this Heningburg trade. They had a wagon of a defense heading into the season, and then since the season has started they were able to add Ryder Garnsey and Jules to the attack. They are deep as shit and have studs all over the field. Especially with rookie goalie Tim Troutner stepping in and becoming one of the best pro goalies in the world right off the bat. The Redwoods are just that team now that you’re going to have to play a perfect game against to beat. Which the Whipsnakes are totally capable of but when you put the revenge factor into the equation, I have to roll with the Woods in this one.

Jordie’s Pick: Redwoods by 1.

Now go out there and have yourselves a weekend, folks. I love you all. Even the haters.