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If Kawhi Really Took This Offer For A Free Trip To Barbados To Re-Sign With The Raptors It Would Be The Best Free Agency Move In NBA History

What a move this would be. I don’t even care that Kawhi can easily afford this. I don’t care that he may just happen to be there. Getting a free trip is better than paying for a trip, no matter how much money you make. It’s why people go apeshit for free t-shirts.

But, imagine if he took up this offer and bounced for the Clippers? There’s no way any person can be mad. He still won you a title. If I’m Kawhi I’m out here taking in all the free shit I can without a care in the world. That’s just called being smart.

I still can’t get over how much free shit Kawhi is being offered. Actually, let me correct that. I can believe it. He deserves it. But, the fact it’s actually happening. We’ve seen everything from places to live, movie tickets and massages to now vacations. It’s unreal. But, this is what happens when you win a title.

Super fun guy having a super fun time

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