Gilbert Arenas And Lou Williams: Not A Fan Of Old Guys; Pippen/Rodman Talk Too Much Shit & LeBron Would Win 15 Straight Titles If He Was Around In 1975

Oh, hell yeah. This is exactly what I needed to hear today.

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Listen, there’s nothing I love more than slandering the name of those in the past. There’s no doubt that people love romanticizing the past, especially those who played in it. So now you can’t get mad. Lou Williams and Gilbert Arenas both are players. If this was a talking head saying it people lose their mind.

But, guess what. They are right. LeBron would 100% win all those NBA titles in the 70s. Who the hell is guarding him? Don’t get me wrong. There are good players in the league in 1975. But, you’re telling me Kareem is sticking LeBron?

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Now imagine what Kareem would be like dragging LeBron up the court?

As for Gil’s quote? I mean yeah, I get the size difference from the 90s to now. That’s the big thing. But, I do think Pippen and Rodman would have no problem defending in the league today. They were ahead of their time in that sense.

But, I’m here for this. I know Trill Wither is here for this. In fact I’m not convinced Lou Williams and Gilbert aren’t both Trill. He’s known for this.