Wake Up With The Most Overrated Play Of Derek Jeter's Career

Derek Jeter's birthday was earlier this week, so E*PN and some other twitter accounts were slobbering all over him, as is tradition. I saw this play tweeted out a few times and it brought up my reoccurring thought about it. It's such an overrated play that shouldn't have ever happened.
Trot Nixon was at-bat for the Red Sox and looped one towards the third base line. It looks like it may drop, but Jeter comes swooping in, actually covering some decent ground for once, and snags the ball. Nice catch, I'll give him that. But look where he catches the ball….
Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 9.58.50 PM
He has what, 15-20 feet to veer out of the way? He for sure did not have to keep running straight ahead and dive head first into the stands. Be an athlete for me one time, DJ. Run a post, plant that foot and head towards the outfield. I just don't get it. He made a very good play, but ultimately he disrespected the game by doing something he didn't need to. Seriously, just turn….thats all it would have took. Literally veer off onto the grass. It makes me sick. A truly disgusting play that is overhyped and overrated. Hey Derek, if you're reading this, just catch the ball and don't endanger a kids life by throwing yourself into the stands.