Mike Francesa Just EXPLODED On The Radio After The Latest Mets Bullpen Collapse

To anyone who clicked on this blog expecting Mike’s head to actually explode like this infamous Scanners gif, I aplogize for the clickbaity headline.


But I didn’t know how else to describe Mike’s reaction to that. “Lost his mind” seemed light as did “melted down” and any other synonyms for Angry have already been used to describe the scene unfolding on Barstool Radio today.

I could understand that type of reaction from Mike if he was a Mets fan. I’ve probably acted that way five different times during this nightmarish season. But not only is Mike a Yankees fan, he is someone that has built his empire needling the Mets and their fans. Resumes, Longevity, Ratings, Paychecks, The Mink Man, And Tweaking Duh Mets. The only reason I can fathom him acting this way is that he knows his buddy Jeff Wilpon will continue to be harassed by Mets fans to sell the team. You escape Philly with at least one win, you can settle the hooligans down before honoring a championship team most of us weren’t alive for. But now the #FireWilpon drum will be louder and louder. Because the names will change, whether it’s Manuel, Collins, Callaway, Minaya, Alderson, Van Wagenen, Benitez, Familia, or Diaz. But the one common problem through all those years is right at the top and this shit will not stop until there is a change. I can promise you that.

Support the cause or prepare yourself for more of the same until death’s cold touch releases you from servitude to this franchise.