Craig Kimbrel Hasn't Even Pitched Yet And We Can't Even Spell/Say His Name Right UPDATE: Kimbrel Has Arrived

Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 4.02.20 PM

As I’m writing this blog Kimbrel is up in the bullpen so depending on how fast I write it may be false that he’s never pitched for the Cubs.

Regardless, Craig Kimbrel is a name that you don’t think is hard to say until you’re forced to say it roughly 118 times on a podcast. I struggle with it, Carl struggles with, Chief does, etc. The funny thing is that I never really did have problems until Carl brought to my attention about how much of a tongue twister it really is.

Still doesn’t make any sense that it’s misprinted on a jersey though. Unless the person taking the order was lazy and didn’t do the whole K AS IN KING, I AND AS IN IGLOO M AS IN MUHAMMAD type of thing.

Anyway, Kimbrel’s about to go for his first save right now. Turn on NBC Sports Chicago.


What an entrance. There hasn’t been one like that since Mickey Rourke in The Wrestler.

A little rusty by not covering first (sorry, I can’t show you because MLB hasn’t uploaded the video yet for some dumb reason) but who cares. First save of many.

Kimbrel is here.