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Can Anyone Spare Some Tampons For The Men Of Barstool Sports Today?

On second thought, they don’t need them. Tampons are reserved for the tough, & us ladies are too busy working to be concerned with all this typical, emotional office guy drama anyways. The boys need to fend for themselves. I’ve had enough.

First of all, I’m glad no one is pointing out my bingo wings at the end of that first video. My arms aren’t what they used to be & now they move like jello on a vibrating bed when I make the smallest motion. Sad.

But really though, can’t we all just get along?! I realize where I work but I’m just not a person who enjoys confrontation, never have been. I’m considering baking peanut butter chip cookies tonight to bring in tomorrow in a last ditch effort for happy vibes, and that’s a lot because I make them from scratch & I’m exhausted right now.

So come on team… Let’s slug some drinks tomorrow, watch the women win another World Cup game & house some junk food. Give peace a chance!

Or not. Let’s just hope we get through the day & into July 4th weekend.