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Dana White Is Going To Own An NFL Team

Alright, maybe some of you guys out there are saying, “Robbie, you’re gettin’ ahead of yourself here! He doesn’t own shit yet and hasn’t even begun the process of purchasing a team! Plus, it sounds like he’d only be a part-owner”, but listen: if you knew my Uncle Dana like I know him, you’d know his word on this is as good as confirmation. He wouldn’t say this if it weren’t happening.

Today at the Hashtag Sports conference in NYC, UFC President Dana White revealed that he alongside his former partners in the UFC, Frank and Lorenzo Fertitta, plan on owning an NFL team in the future, and I think that’s a phenomenal idea. I obviously don’t know much about the relationships owners of teams have with the players themselves or the media or whatever – I’m sure it’s a case by case example – but if he plans on running the squad AT ALL like he runs the UFC, it’ll make for some of the most entertaining drama in football. Dana is bold, he’s brash, he’s not afraid to shit on people if he feels they’re underperforming or up to some bush league antics…he’s unlike any president a sports league or promotion has ever had, and it’s AWESOME.

Side Note: I’ve met Lorenzo Fertitta a couple times now. He’s a man rocket. Silver Fox type. I don’t even know how to describe it but the guy has the most intimidating aura of all time about him and the last time I saw him I completely blanked. He put his hand out, introduced himself (again, nbd tho) with a, “Lorenzo, nice to meet ya!”, and I just went, “Lorenzo……………..yeah.”

It was highly embarrassing but very funny in hindsight.