Bless Julian Edelman's Heart For Still Trying To Get Kevin Durant To Boston

By all accounts Julian Edelman is a Boston legend. An elite cocksman, even better Super Bowl winning wide receiver, and a well known stoolie

So the fact that he can’t give up the recruitment of Kevin Durant is just the cherry on top. You probably remember his role in this plan three years ago

and while that didn’t exactly go as planned you have to love the commitment to the recruiting game. Despite the fact that barring some sort of extremely complicated sign and trade that has about a 0.0000000001% chance of happening, Kevin Durant will not be coming to the Celtics. It’d be sweet if I was wrong, but I don’t think I am. But that’s why I love Edelman. You think he has any idea or gives two shits about all the contract rules and salary cap implications and all the bullshit that goes into these type of moves? Absolutely no. He just loves this city through and through and will do whatever he can to bring in the best of the best even if it’s completely unrealistic. That’s the blind loyalty we as a fanbase crave. If you love us like we love you, we will make sure you become immortal in this town. Jules gets it. Kyrie didn’t.

So while I don’t have heart to tell Edelman that this is a dead end, I will instead voice my appreciation that he is doing everything he can to improve my favorite basketball team. The man has delivered so much for me when it comes to my sports fandom I won’t hold not bringing in Kevin Durant against him. I mean how could I?

Now, let’s all enjoy some Julian Edelman highlights because he is one bad motherfucker