Paul Heyman & Eric Bischoff Named Executive Directors Of RAW/SmackDown


Amidst the worst ratings and attendance in company history, Vince & Co. are officially hitting the panic button and throwing everything they could at the wall and hoping it sticks.


Paul Heyman running RAW, and Eric mothafuckin’ Bischoff running SmackDown behind the scenes. Unreal. It’s like hell has frozen over…again. Do kids even know who Eric Bischoff is nowadays?! I’d have to imagine there ain’t many younger than me who do, unfortunately!

Seriously, though, I’m not exactly sure what this means. On one hand, any percentage of power/control being taken away from Vince McMahon and given to somebody else is a good thing. A GREAT thing, really. On the other hand, I don’t have much faith that there’s actually gonna be any power/control taken away from Vince. I think there’s a chance things just continue along the same course they’re on now, and we’ll hear months from now that Bischoff and Heyman being given “Executive Director” status was purely a PR stunt. Who knows. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!