Kentucky Star LB Kash Daniel (Tim Riggins 2.0) Calls ESPN And CBS 'A Bunch Of Jackasses' For Their Preseason Predictions

Talk that shit, Kash. If there’s one person in the country that can sit here and call talking heads ‘jackasses’ it’s Kash Daniel. My man gets everyone fired up with quotes throughout the year. Look at some of these gems

So talk that shit, Kash. Sure, Kentucky lost Benny Snell and Josh Allen – two of the leaders and stars from last year’s 10 win team. But, guess what? I’m not worried with the running back crew. Terry Wilson is going to take a jump – yeah, I said it. I trust Terry Wilson. I trust the defense.

6 wins? Easy over. EASY OVER.

Note – Kash didn’t call Barstool jackasses. Barstool > the world.