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"I Cannot Die. I'm African, We Don't Die" - A Scared Shitless Joel Embiid On A Chairlift In China

The moment you conquer your biggest fear, you’re no longer afraid of anything. So while riding on a gondola near the Great Wall of China was an experience that scared the shit out of Joel Embiid, this is a video that should scare the shit out of the rest of the NBA. Because the moment that Joel Embiid gets off of that chair lift, he has nothing left to fear. Never again will he be afraid. Especially not in some silly little basketball game.

The man faced his fears. The man stared death straight in the eyes and said “not today. I’m African and we don’t die”. Sure, he might have a little doodoo in his pants if he checks them once he gets off that chairlift. But it’s 2019. Pooping your pants is cool these days. It’s en vogue. So a little poopy in the pants doesn’t make Joel Embiid any less of a man. He took on one of his greatest fears and now he’s going to play like a man possessed this season. If the Sixers can run it back with Ben Simmons, Jimmy Butler and now a fearless Joel Embiid? While the Celtics are in complete disarray and the Warriors are still rehabbing all of their injuries? Folks,,,,,,just keep this chairlift ride in the back of your head as one of the major turning points for when the Sixers win a championship next June.